What jewellery to wear with saree ?

Saree, the epitome of elegance and grace, have been a symbol of Indian culture and tradition for centuries. Whether you’re attending a wedding, a festive celebration, or simply dressing up for a special occasion, saree have an unmatched charm that makes them a favourite choice for women across the world. And while choosing the right saree is crucial, selecting the perfect jewellery to complement it is equally important. In this blog, we will explore the world of jewellery and discuss what jewellery to wear with a saree to enhance your overall look and make a stunning fashion statement.

1. Earrings: The Frame to Your Face

Earrings play a significant role in framing your face and highlighting your beauty. With saree, you can experiment and choose from a wide range of earring styles, depending on the occasion and your style. Here are some suggestions:

  • Studs: For a subtle and understated look, opt for elegant studs. Pearl studs, diamond studs, or even simple gold or silver ones can add a touch of sophistication to your saree ensemble.
  • Chandbali: These crescent-shaped earrings are a popular choice for grand events. They come in various sizes and designs, and their intricate patterns can complement the intricate work on your saree.
  • Jhumka: Jhumka are a timeless choice that beautifully complements traditional saree. You can choose from various jhumka designs, from small and delicate to large and extravagant, depending on your outfit and personal style.
  • Ear Cuffs: If you want to make a bold statement, ear cuffs can be an excellent choice. They add a modern twist to your traditional saree look and are sure to turn heads.


2. Necklaces: The Focal Point of Elegance

Necklaces are a key component of your overall look with a saree. The type of necklace you choose can greatly influence your appearance. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Chokers: Chokers are the go-to choice for saree with a deep neckline. They sit snugly around your neck, adding a touch of glamour to your outfit. Diamond or Kundan chokers can make a real statement.
  • Rani Haar: This long, multi-layered Rani Haar is perfect for classic saree. It adds a royal touch to your look and works well with traditional and heavy saree.
  • Temple Jewellery: If you’re wearing a temple or silk saree, temple jewellery is the ideal choice. Its intricate designs and traditional motifs match the grandeur of the saree.
  • Statement Pieces: Sometimes, you only need a bold statement necklace to make a striking impression. Opt for chunky, vibrant necklaces to make your saree ensemble stand out.


3. Bangles and Bracelets: Grace Your Hands

Your hands play a crucial role in your overall presentation when you wear a saree. To accentuate them, choose the right bangles or bracelets:

  • Traditional Bangles: Traditional saree call for traditional bangles. Go for gold, silver, or glass bangles in various colours to match your saree’s theme.
  • Kada: Kada are broad, artistic bangles that add a regal touch to your attire. They are perfect for silk saree and weddings.
  • Diamond Bracelets: For a modern saree look, a diamond bracelet can be an elegant choice. It adds a touch of sparkle without overpowering your outfit.



4. Maang Tikka and Hair Accessories: Enhance Your Hairstyle

For those wearing their hair in an updo or a bun, a maang tikka can be a wonderful addition. Maang tikkas come in various designs, from minimalist to ornate, and they beautifully adorn your forehead, enhancing your hairstyle and overall look.

You can also consider other hair accessories like hairpins, brooches, or even fresh flowers to add a touch of uniqueness to your saree ensemble.

5. Waistbands and Kamarbandh: Define Your Waist

To enhance your saree’s overall look, consider adding a waistband or kamarbandh. These are beautifully crafted pieces of jewellery that cinch your waist and add a hint of glamour to your attire. They work particularly well with silk saree and lehenga-style saree.

6. Finger Rings: Attention to Detail

Remember your fingers. A well-chosen finger ring can add a subtle touch of elegance to your overall look. Whether you prefer solitaire rings, cocktail rings, or traditional rings, they can all be wonderful choices to consider.

7. Ankle Bracelets: Complete the Look

Last but not least, consider adding ankle bracelets or payal to your attire. These delicate jewellery pieces adorn your ankles and give your look a more comprehensive and refined appearance. They work well with both traditional and contemporary saree.

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